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Hi! How are you?


Welcome to my little heaven, where we can become friends and share with each other our dreams and passions for everything we love.


My name is Alina Befu, I’m originally from Romania and currently living in Belgium.


I started this blog from my passion for beauty, fashion and photography because I always loved to share with the world photos with my daily ideas.

My thoughts and feelings about the things I love, the way I live and my personal style in fashion will be all in here and I will be happy if this small part of me will inspire you.


Let’s be friends! Tell me a little bit about you, about your passions or about anything you would like to say.

Feel free to drop me a line below or send me a text via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


Thank you for being part of my story!

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You are my first messenger!

Open your heart, open your soul, write your words onto my wall:

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