8 June, 2014

Who loves rainy days? I do… when I choose to cuddle in my bed, turn on the TV and search for a classic movie to watch. Earlier this week it rained for a few days and this time I decided to take my favorite bag “for a walk”. Funny thing is that by the time I was in town, the sun already invited the summer in, unusual for Belgium for this time of the year. Anyway… I hope you also enjoy a lovely weather and you are getting ready for the summer! Hmm… I could do an article about how to “Get Your Beach Body”. Let me know in the comments and it will be up next week.

24 May, 2014

First, let me tell you about the brand Essence Cosmetics! Essence is a german company, who stands for trendy and high quality cosmetics sold in over 60 countries at a sensational low price (between €1.49 and €4.99).
What I love the most is that they don’t conduct any testing on animals, nor commissions it to any third parties – not in Germany or anywhere else in the world. By the way: animal testing for decorative or pampering cosmetic products has not been permitted in Germany since the autumn of 1998. Germany leads the way in Europe with this legislation!

All about eyeshadow palettes
The spring/summer collection of Essence is by now in all stores and it has come with these four new palettes which contain all trend colors such as shades of nude, brown, pastel and bright colors. They all contain shimmer and no matte eyeshadow, which I think is a pity, although I like the color combinations. As you can see not all the colors are pigmented as well as others but they are good to build in intensity.
The design of the palettes is simple, made from solid and transparent plastic, that helps you to see immediately which palette and which colors you have. The format is also useful, they are small and thin, perfect for traveling.

Big bright eyes pen
Big bright eyes – the name says it all! The highlighter in a jumbo wooden pen shape with a soft texture that blends smoothly, gives your eyes an instantly wide-awake look. It can be applied on the inner corners of your eyes as well as below your brows to make your eyes appear larger.

Eyebrow stylist set
A new eyebrow powder kit comes in the standard range, available in two shade: 01 Natural Brunette Style and 02 Natural Blonde Style. This complete kit is ideal for styling your eyebrows, it contains two eyebrow powders, an applicator and three templates for perfect shape in an instant! The package is really nice and I think is great that it contains different shape templates, useful for shaping your eyebrows.

Nail art
3D jewels set
Now you can even turn your nails into accessories! The nail decorations with an ultimate 3D effect are available in various designs and materials. All looks are possible, whether elegant, eye-catching or romantic. The 3D jewels can be applied on your natural nail or on top of nail polish and can be creatively combined to suit your mood. The set includes nail glue for long lasting results.

Manicure helper
Issues with your nails will soon be a thing of the past thanks to this indispensable helper for the easy, accurate and flawless application of nail polish. Simply place your nail on the non-slip surface and nothing can possibly go wrong!

Stampy set
Create unique and extravagant nail styles with the nail art stampy sets. The sets contain a stencil with nine different images, a scraper and a stamp. Simply select an image and stamp on your nail with nail polish.

Duo stylist
The 2in1 must-have in terms of nail art: the DUO stylist! Everything is possible with the two tips: the thin end makes it really easy to apply tiny rhinestones on your nails, stick on nail decorations or create french nail tips. With the larger, thicker tip, you can dot, dot, dot! Various dotting-techniques are just waiting to be tried out!

Quick & easy nail polish remover
Basically, this is a bottle with a sponge soaked in an acetone-free nail polish remover. I found this product really helpful because it’s great for on the go or when you’re in a hurry. There is no need for cotton pads and the remover won’t leak when you throw the bottle in your bag or suitcase, because the liquid is “trapped” in the sponge.

4 May, 2014

     Last week I received an invitation from Caroline Rigo for a Ladies Night party at Le Visage.

Besides being a lovely and gorgeous women, Caroline Rigo is a freelance makeup artist for numerous advertising agencies, known photographers, magazines and private companies in Belgium.


     Le Visage is an exclusive beauty shop/salon in the heart of Hasselt. They are specialized in makeup, beauty, party-time and everything around it. Their job is to transform your wishes into reality from your dream makeup to an up-to-date anti-wrinkle care, hair and eyelashes extensions and a lot more. You can have a look on their website here: www.levisage.be

     Once in a while they organize free Ladies Night parties where you get spoiled with special offers like:


  testing the unique product Per-fékt from L.A. (the favorite of all Hollywood stars!)
  make-up session in accordance with the latest makeup trends (BellaPièrre Make Up)
  testing of new products: brushes from Sigma, Real Techniques
  your nails done with OPI’s newest colors
  information about their workshops and courses
  makeup & hairstyling advice
  you will take advantage of all kinds of DISCOUNTS
  and of course BUBBLES and DELICIOUS SNACKS!

19 April, 2014

     Spring has finally come and there is something about it that makes me feel happier than other seasons. Maybe it’s the promise of summer or the chance for a new beginning, no matter how you look at it, it’s an invitation to go out and play. When I think of play and spring, I think of flowers and the multitude of colors from where you can get inspiration for your outfits.

The floral print trend continue to be hot for a few years and still it is for 2014. This year you can choose from delicate flowers, worn on lightweight fabrics and relaxed cuts, to vibrant blossoms (the brighter the better) and dark florals, worn with easy sandals and minimal makeup.

My first choice for this spring is a vivid blossom pencil skirt paired with a soft pastel shirt to create a colorful equilibrium. The color of the shirt is Violet Tullip, one of the color trends for spring 2014. This is a romantic vintage purple that evokes wistful nostalgia, perfect for my floral skirt.

5 April, 2014

     Hi everyone! Here is my first outfit of the day: the Bright Pink Sweater. I bought this sweater a long time ago because I loved the color but I never knew how to wear it, so I went for a sky blue denim shirt and jeans. Then I decided to add some detail with a white belt, I felt like it was missing something.