27 February, 2016

Have you ever been to Portugal?


I have heard my sisters many times speaking about Portugal: what a beautiful country it is, how warm and friendly the people are, the delicious food that they have (being known for the fish and sea food specialties) and its amazing location; Portugal is bordering Spain and the Atlantic Ocean.


One day they took me by surprise when they came to me screaming of excitement: “We are going to Portugal!” I was so happy when I heard that because this has been my first time traveling to an oceanside country. They choose for Porto, the second-largest city in Portugal and the town that gave the country (and Porto wine) its name.


First day we arrived at our five stars hotel where we had a very pleasant stay in a beautiful room. What made our stay even more likeable was the swimming pool on the last floor which offers you a panoramic view over the Porto city and the Douro river.

The hotel was near the beach so we didn’t want to waste more time. We threw our baggage’s in the room, we put our swimsuit on and there we were, at the beach, enjoying the sun and life. Later that day we went downtown for dinner. We wanted to try their fish and sea food specialties, therefor we have looked for the one of the best restaurant in town. We had to wait for like three hours to get a table but, let me tell you, it was worth it!


We started our second day with a breakfast buffet and then we spend a few hours baking our skin at the beach J. That day we also had in plan to visit the city. You can’t really imagine how a country looks and feels like until you have seen it with your own eyes. We walked for a few hours till we got tired and took a city trip by boat. After all, the Portuguese city of Porto is best known for two things: it’s river, the Douro, the most popular for river cruises, and its port.


On our last day we didn’t had that much time left but we had to try the pool on the last floor and the most traditional food that they have: Francesinha. Oh, did I mention how cheap is the food  in Portugal?!


This was a short holiday trip. Just taking a breath of a different air from those hard working days. We spend only three days there but it felt like a week because we were always busy to enjoy the beauty of this country and its city.

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19 April, 2015

Hi there! What are you up to on this sunny days? In Belgium, we got many of those, for the past two weeks. Not a usually thing for this country (most of the time is cloudy) but I’m enjoying every sunbeam. Seeing there an opportunity, I packed my things and decided it’s time for an adventure. Where? Into the wild, willing to have an African Safari Experience.

But wait… isn’t Africa thousands of kilometres far away?! I looked up on internet and I found a place where you can experience Africa dangerously close in Hilvarenbeek, Holland. The place is called Beekse Bergen Safari Park and you can enjoy a safari on foot, by boat, bus and even with your own car and view more than 1,250 animals!

Wildness is a dangerous place, therefore don’t think I went alone, I had my family with me to keep me safe. Or not! :))

safari park girl trip zebra
safari park giraffe grass people house africa

Even animals that you wouldn’t expect can be dangerous, so we began the adventures with a car route, traveling through the park at our own pace, enjoying the beautiful views across the plains alive with African animals. There were curious giraffes approaching us and zebras crossing! There are some rules to bear in mind when you visit by car: keep the windows locked, don’t feed the animals and above all don’t get out of your car. Isn’t this exciting enough?

Half way around car route, we arrived at the Kongo restaurant at the back of the park. There you can get out of your car, and have a snack and a drink while you savour the fresh memories of the zebras, wildebeests, cheetahs and rhinoceros for example, that you’ve met on the way.

safari park leopard grass wild
safari park giraffe bus people travel
safari park cattle cow ankole watusi hippopotamus
safari park fun friends girls snacks relaxing

Afterwards we chose the exciting walking safari. The kilometres long route winds past chimpanzees and elephants, to lions and penguins. We made a nice trek in the African village and stand face-to-face with hyenas, rhinoceros and gorillas. Spot to remember: the savannah with zebras, giraffes and buffalos.

safari park elephant hamadryas baboons nature waterfall
safari park animal house forest
safari park sleep wilde nature lion

The most relaxing way to travel on safari is by safari boat. On our last journey, we board in one of the boats and let the captain sail us through African waters. During the journey on water, of approximately 30 minutes, the ranger on board pointed out all sorts of animals which can be seen on the shore: rhinoceros, ring-tailed lemurs and monkeys.

safari park ferry river forest blue sky travel
safari park monkey africa
safari park elephant adventure girl
safari park elephant girls experience adventure

Do you have more adventurous tendencies? There’s a ranger camp, where you can sleep in a tent in the middle of the park, right next to the elephants and hamadryas baboons. An unforgettable night where you can imagine you are really in Africa and where you are woken in the morning by a roaring lion.

What do you think? Are you willing to try an adventure like this?

25 August, 2014

– EN –

Next day… we woke up early… well, not so early… around 9 o’clock. We went downstairs at the restaurant of the hotel and we had breakfast with a view to the mountains. I must say this is the most relaxing way to enjoy your breakfast.

As I mentioned in my last article, we wanted to climb the Balea Waterfall. Situated at over 1200 meters altitude, Balea Waterfall is the largest waterfall in steps from Romania, with a fall of 60 meters. You can go by car till “Balea Waterfall Chalet” and from there on foot, on a route that takes about two hours. The route is not easy to climb and it took us about an hour to find the road in the first place… we almost gave up but we couldn’t lose this one experience.

– RO –

A doua zi… ne-am trezit de dimineata… nu chiar asa de dimineata… in jurul orei 9:00. Am coborat la restaurantul cabanei unde ne-am cazat si am servit micul dejun. Trebuie sa mentionez ca cel mai relaxant mod de a servi o masa este atunci cand te poti bucura de privelistea naturii.

Dupa cum v-am povestit si in articolul trecut a urmat Cascada Balea. Situata la peste 1200 de metri altitudine, aceasta este cea mai mare cascada in trepte din Romania, ce are o cadere de 60 de metri. Accesul se poate face cu masina pana la “Cabana Balea Cascada iar de acolo pe jos, pe un traseu ce dureaza aproximativ doua ore. Traseul nu este usor de parcurs iar pe langa asta ne-a luat cam o ora pana sa nimerim drumul corect prin padure… aproape ca renuntasem dar nu aveam cum sa pierdem o experienta ca asta.

– EN –

The next two places on our list were Peles Castle and Bran Castle, the last one is known by tourists as Dracula’s Castle. In fact, historical data does not confirm that it had been the residence of Count Dracula (associated with the Romanian ruler, Vlad the Impaler) because the characters in the novel “Dracula” are the result of the author’s fantasy.

Along the way, however, we realized that we didn’t have enough time to visit both castles. Because they were located in opposite directions and they have short visitation schedule, we chosen to visit only one. So we took the road to the Peles Castle because we heard that it is more beautiful and bigger than the Bran Castle.

The Peles Castle situated in Sinaia and built between the 1873 and 1914, was the summer residence for the Kings of Romania in that period of time. Unfortunately, because of the short schedule we were able to see only the outside of the castle. Instead we visited Pelisorul, a small palace built in the same kingdom as part of the Peles Castle. You’d be surprised to see how the leaders of the country lived in those days, while ordinary people had no elevator, radiator, vacuum cleaner and so much more facilities like they had.

I hope you enjoyed my little escape to the mountains.

Have a good week everyone!

– RO –

Urmatoarele puncte turistice de pe lista noastra au fost Castelul Peles si Castelul Bran, cel din urma fiind cunoscut de turisti drept Castelul lui Dracula. In realitate, datele istorice nu confirma ca acesta ar fi fost resedinta contelui Dracula (nume asociat domnitorului Tării Romanesti, Vlad Tepes) intrucat personajele din romanul “Dracula” sunt rezultatul fanteziei autorului.

Traseul la Cascada Balea a durat ceva… iar pe urma am realizat ca nu ne-a mai ramas destul timp pentru a vizita ambele castele. Acestea avand program scurt de vizitare si fiind localizate in directii opuse, am ales sa vedem doar unul. Asadar ne-am indreptat spre Castelul Peles deoarece auzisem ca este mult mai frumos si mai mare decat Castelul Bran.

Castelul Peles, un palat din Sinaia construit intre anii 1873 si 1914, a fost resedinta de vara a regilor Romaniei pe acea vreme. Din nefericire, din cauza programului scurt am reusit sa-l vedem numai la exterior. In schimb am vizitat Pelisorul, un palat de dimensiuni mici construit pe domeniul Castelui Peles. Ai fi surprins sa vezi cum traiau conducatorii tarii in acele vremuri, vremuri cand in Romania oamenii de rand nu aveau lift, calorifer, aspirator si multe astfel de utilitati.

Sper ca v-a placut escapada mea la munte.

Va doresc o saptamana frumoasa!


The Peles Castle

Castelul Peles